Thursday, October 25, 2012


What is the most effective, most inexpensive, most personal way to market your offerings you’ve found to work for your business so far? What is that that thing you do that attracts prospective buyers to you every time you do it and results in profitable new sales? What method, modality or avenue makes sales happen in your business? To win consistently in your business you must figure this out.

Let’s look a bit deeper.
  1. What’s one thing you’d like to focus your marketing on selling more of right now?
  2. What’s the compelling benefit buyers would enjoy when they buy that?
  3. What positive emotions go with that benefit?
  4. What words and images or sounds take and hold people’s attention to that benefit?
  5. What supportive testimonials do you have for proof?
To make more money as soon as possible your marketing needs to work splendidly. Big true fact and no secret either, most business owners have no marketing plan, nothing written, no measurement system, no testing, nothing. Most do not even have testimonials from satisfied buyers.

Where should you start? Well, it would be wise to answer a few elemental marketing questions such as the following.

  1. What do you sell? 
  2. What are the benefits? What’s your proof?
  3. Who are your buyers?
  4. Why should people buy from YOU?
  5. What’s your Compelling Marketing Message?
  6. What are your options for attracting people? 
  7. How much can you afford to spend?
  8. How much of your time? What should be your marketing schedule? 
  9. How will you track results?
  10. What’s missing? How can you close the gaps?
Start generating answers to these questions then tackle the money thing. Instead of spending a lot of your money on advertising, invest your time instead. Put on an event. There are some costs associated with this but not as much as a full page yellow pages ad. Conduct a survey at your front counter or over the phone. Cross sell and up sell, you should be doing this all the time already. Offer incentives to current clients and customers. Solicit recommendations. And systematically go after referrals. All these activities ought to personally involve YOU and ought be performed and evaluated systematically.

Remember, marketing is everything you do in your business and it must work or you will not be happy. It’s not rocket science. It takes careful planning and systematic implementation. And even though you probably did not go to school to learn marketing, you can still master it.

To Win, Make it Personal, Inexpensive, And Keep At It. 

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