Thursday, October 24, 2013

In order to own and operate a successful business enterprise there are eight things you simply must have, must always have, and cannot ever do without. The EIGHT KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNERSHIP – what those in charge must possess are listed here.
1. Fire in the Belly, Passion. You believe and those who know you intimately would agree that you have passion for your business ideas and entrepreneurship. You are so firmly committed to succeeding in your endeavor that you cannot see yourself doing anything else. You know that there will be roadblocks to overcome, problems to solve, issues to wrestle with and you are ready for the challenge. You truly love what you do. For you, your business is not a job, it's a joy.
2. The Ability to Orchestrate Events. You can make decisions quickly, can plan, organize and implement prosperity generating business activities. You can cope with whatever comes your way. You can manage stress, both short-term and long-term, so you neither burnout nor rustout. Most of the time, you comfortably make measurable progress in reasonable time.

3. Offerings People Need or Want and can Afford. You offer goods, products and services that people - with whom you can communicate via marketing and branding, and all that goes with letting prospective buyers know who you are, what you provide and how to reach you – have a genuine need or desire to buy – and can afford to pay for.

4. Vision, plus Reasonable Expectations. You clearly know where you are taking your enterprise in the short term and in the long term. You share this vision with all who are connected to your enterprise so they can buy into your ideas and support you and what you want to do. Your expectations are sensible. They make sense to anyone who you talk with about them. You are so clear about this and can explain it so simply and concisely that a five year old child could understand where you want to go and what you expect to accomplish.

5. Strategies that Work as Intended. Your business behavior is well rehearsed, practiced and polished to perfection. Most of the time, what you attempt succeeds. Your strategies, while they will need adjustment and revision from time to time, predictable produce the outcomes you envision.
6. The Skills of Persuasion and Inspiration. Of all the skills it takes to operate a profitable enterprise two stand above all the others. The ability to persuade people to do what you want them to do - whether that is to buy from you, to work tirelessly for you, to refer to you, to lend you money or whatever – is finely honed. Persuading people to do your bidding is easy for you. And your ability to inspire others results in all those around you finding the inner motivation it takes to get all the things that need to be done, done right the first time, and every time, and on time, and on budget, and with as much joy for all concerned as possible. You have mastered both of these sets of complex interpersonal behaviors.
7. Masterful Money Making Behavior. You are crystal clear about what your top money making activities are and how to perform them masterfully. This is true as well for all individuals who are connected to the operation of your enterprise. The necessary amount of resources (including time) to put top money making behavior in just the right place are identified and scheduled and monitored so that the business truly is a money making machine. You, and all those who help you, understand that the only way your enterprise can continue is when the people involved do whatever it takes to always be bringing in new money through new and repeat and ongoing successful sales activities. 

8. Enormous Self-Control and Grit. Last on the list of EIGHT ESSENTIALS is self-control and grit. It just so happens that self-control and grit are more important than intelligence, more important than influence and more important than desire. Running a business successfully is something most people cannot do well. This is why most people chose to work for someone else rather than be self employed. Business owners know that running the show it is at times an uphill battle, a struggle, and that it can be very stressful. Therefore, an inner drive to tirelessly work through challenges, failures, setbacks and adversity to achieve set goals is an essential must, probably the biggest must of all.

All long term financially successful business enterprises stand on a solid foundation of these EIGHT ESSENTIALS.

Have All Eight - Or You’ll Settle For Less. That’s the truth.

When it comes to improving the performance of a business, we start by looking into the EIGHT ESSENTIAL MUST HAVES, for if there is something missing, if something is not quite right there, whatever that happens to be, that’s where we start making things better.

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