Monday, May 28, 2012


People can become business owners in four ways. They can start it, they can buy it, they can inherit it, or they can win or steal it.

By win or steal it I mean that they are already in business and decide to take aim on another person's business in an effort to out perform the other guy with higher quality products/services and better values. And they do this so well that they in fact aquire (win/steal) the other person's business or at least many or perhaps all of the other person's customers or clients. Then they own it.

However, none of these four avenues to business ownership prepare a person to run a business successfully... and therein lies the problem.

To succeed in business you must know what you are doing beforehand. Or, you must quickly find out. And you don't have much time. You gotta learn what you need to learn, and then learn that quickly or your business will not do well and you'll be frustrated and feel awful. Ugh, who wants that?

So where do you go to learn what you need to learn, and then learn it? Why at the Master-Mind Alliance of course. 

The Master-Mind Alliance is a sounding board of business people like you who share their insights and relevant success experiences openly. It's an opportunity to receive ongoing collaboration with non-competitive peers, to connect with people whose opinions you respect. The meetings follow a prepared agenda that leads to education, strategic decision making, new plans and better results. It's a regular, systematic, focused conversation about your business, your issues, your problems and your opportunities.

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