Monday, May 28, 2012


In the natural unfolding process of life, we set about answering four questions basic to how we live. We do this without even thinking about doing it. We develop answers, then we develp better answers, then we develop even better answers... and so on and on for life.

1.     WHAT do I want to BE?
2.     WHAT do I want to DO?
3.     WHAT do I want to HAVE?
4.     HOW will I accomplish those objectives?

Since we do this unconsciously all the time, why not take charge and formalize the process?

We might be better off if from time to time we sat down, took the time to formerly ask and answer these questions, took some notes along the way, then talked about our answers with people who care about us.

Talking about our lives with people who care about us, what a concept.

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