Friday, June 20, 2014


So...what is that anyway?

What if you are a business owner and sometimes you are frustrated because you know things could be better than they are right now? What do you do about that? What might help? 

Well, INPUT from peers might help. You know, people who also own a business and who also have at times been stuck with some pesky problem or issue and who might be willing to act as an advisor and mentor to you.

Here's the deal. And you already know this. To be successful in the long run, you must offer things - goods, products and services - that enough people are willing to buy. There must be a reason for potential buyers to contact you, or to accept your contact when you reach out to them. That’s basic business 101 right? Yeah.

For this to work, there also must be a way to economically communicate your offer to the people who would most likely buy from you, if they knew about you and your offer.

And of course, acceptance of your offer, in the form of a purchase, must result in enough profit for you to keep going, to stay in business.

Now then, if you could figure out how to do all this yourself, there would be no need for the Master-Mind Alliance®. Or, if you could figure out how to do all this, and were able to make yourself do what you need to do, there would also be no need for the Master-Mind Alliance®.

We are here to supply business owners and operators with helpful problem solving INPUT and advice from peers.

We also provide genuine ENCOURAGEMENT so the input people receive will turn into implemented strategy, that is, direct profit generating action.

And last but not least, we provide a boat load of follow-up and ACCOUNTABILITY so people will actually do what they agree is good for them, that is, take all reasonable necessary steps pertinent to making measurable progress in reasonable time actually happen.

We know that without follow-up, meaningful progress often does not occur. People get distracted, it happens all the time.

Here's how we operate. Once a month the Master-Mind Alliance® brings together a group of successful business owners who meet to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. These meetings are confidential forums of business owner peers who rely on each other for wisdom and counsel. The goal is more success and greater happiness for all participants.

Hey, I have to advertise once in a while.

INPUT, ENCOURAGEMENT, and ACCOUNTABILITY, that's about all we have to give. 

You have an idea of what you want. Now you just have to figure out how you will get there.

Please remember we can help with that part.

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