Sunday, February 24, 2013


People are people. To be happy and successful, they seek and need inspiration. As a business owner you want your people to do their best for you, to go all out, to go the extra mile. So give them sufficient genuine inspiration and they will.

Years ago a 45 year old man who’d never been in charge of anything before was given the responsibility to revive an organization of some 60 people who had not had a good day at work in over a decade. Everyone just knew the man would fail as many before him had tired and they’d all failed miserably. But this guy had a new approach, what I’ve chosen to call the Power Tactics of Inspiration.

The man definitely did not fail. The organization he directed became unbelievably successful, almost immediately. And the man who made the miraculous happen is and will be forever legendary in his field.

By properly talking to people you can get them to work tirelessly on your behalf, to go the extra mile every day.

By properly training people you can get them to act successfully on all the things what matters to you.

The proper talking is actually questioning in a particular way, in an inspiring way.

One inspiring questions is “What’s next for you, your top priority at home and here at work?” Yup, when you inspire people you ask about them, their goals, what they want.

Vince Lombardi became Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers football team in 1958. By using three hugely effective, inspiration generating Power Tactics, Lombardi turned a bunch of losers into a fabulously successful championship team. He did!

You can learn to do what Lombardi did.

Then by using the same Power Tactics Lombardi developed, you can push into productivity situations that confront you and make significantly improvements happen for your team and for yourself too. You can win bigger and bigger and more often. You can!

The Power Tactics of Inspiration will be the subject of our CHALK TALK in the March 2013 meeting of the Master-Mind Alliance. 

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