Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last month my Chalk Talk was about Time Management – the 5 Points. Winning with time is a must or we go bust. So what did I talk about exactly?

There are 5 keys to getting right with time, so you can beat the clock instead of having the clock beat you. To keep your business growing obviously your money making activities must be scheduled during peak money making hours and they must be started and successfully completed. And all conditions that contribute to that must be present and working flawlessly.

The 5 Points are: Block Out a Schedule, Work Your Priorities, Deflect the Urgent, Do the Hard Stuff First, and Schedule Your Distractions.

I think the first one in the most important, that’s why it’s first.

Block Out a Schedule says there are four kinds of time periods we can use: Show Time Periods, which are for our Top Money Making Activities. Prep Time Periods, which are for setting up Show Time Periods. Detail Time Periods, which are for finishing up. And Free Time Periods, which are for resting and rejuvenating.

Prep Time Periods are the most important. When our planning about how to use our Show and Detail Time Periods goes well, everything else has a far better chance of going well too.

And the critical thing about making these four kinds of time work successfully is that they are scheduled into our days and weeks and held dear. We must do that or we lose.

As usual, a link to a You Tube video of my Chalk Talk, was provided to all members for their review. 

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