Sunday, February 24, 2013


Every business stands on its structures: a foundational, complex mixture of underpinnings that create the fundamental configuration of the business itself. In the Master-Mind Alliance World we call these structures “ROCKS.” There are seven ROCKS: Offerings, People, Attitudes, Marketing, Delivery, Profits and Systems. For any business to flourish, to continue to exist, and certainly to reach DONE Business status, all the ROCKS must be functioning splendidly.

Offerings: you must offer things for sale that people want and are willing to pay for and can afford.

People: you must have the right people on the bus, people who can do what must be done with minimal direct supervision.

Attitudes: all the people associated with your enterprise, including yourself, must project a positive mental attitude, one of top notch service.

Marketing: if this does not work splendidly, all the rest of you have going on will not matter.

Delivery: the goods, products and/or services you sell must be provided in a way that knocks the socks off the buyer so they will return for more and refer their friends.

Profits: the money that comes in and goes out must add up to your favor.

Systems: all regular and repeating operations of your enterprise must be run by well tested systems, not by quirky personalities, not even your own. Systems rule.

Figuring out how to take all the logical and reasonable steps to get your ROCKS in order and functioning together as a highly productive unit, a lean mean machine, this is grist for the mill at every Master-Mind Alliance meeting, for it is part and parcel of creating a DONE Business.

A DONE Business is the grand goal, the top level, the ultimate accomplishment, for once achieved and maintained, business owner nirvana occurs. And that is ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID.

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