Thursday, July 25, 2013


To create your DONE BUSINESS you must embrace and live by the Seven DONE BUSINESS Commitments. And you must work the Thirteen DONE BUSINESS Strategies (a subject of an article coming soon) until you master the behaviors pertaining to how you think, communicate and take action. 

  1. Responsibility—“I will use all my power and freedom to create my own life.”
  2. Passion—“I will align my interests, enthusiasm and talent with the most appropriate territory.”
  3. Insight—“I will know myself, acknowledge my limits and play from my strengths.”
  4. Openness—“I will seek and accept good counsel and assistance from all helpful resources.”
  5. Thoroughness—“I will assume nothing without confirmation.”
  6. Consideration—“I will judge no one without investigation.”
  7. Adaptability—“I will regroup and change goals, plans and strategy as necessary.”
The 7 DONE BUSINESS Commitments are presented as so called “I Statements." If you speak them out loud, that is, use them as positive affirmations, they will gradually but unwaveringly change how you think about yourself and your place in the world.

The 7 DONE BUSINESS Commitments are designed to get and keep you on the path to success every day. They work – if you choose to work with them – to make an investment in them. Then things will get better. 

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